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Triage Kit

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Over a year in development, the Triage Kit is our most personal product to date. Transformative construction. Featherweight design. You'll simply never leave home without it.

We interviewed over 100 outdoor experts, pros and ambassadors to understand what gear they trusted day in and day out. During this process, one topic kept coming to the surface over and over: The right lightweight emergency kit did not exist. People were frustrated with the size, weight and lack of key pieces. So we started with a clean sheet of paper, and the end result, almost a year later, is The Triage Kit.


10 UCO Storm Matches
6 Fabric 1x3 in. Band-Aids
5 Blister Bandages
4 - 7 in. Zip Ties
2 - Fabric 2x4 in. Band-Aids
3 Safety Pins
2 Asprin 2/pk
4 - PDI Lube Jelly 2.7g
2 - Wound Closure Strips 5/pk
Flat Pack 5yd duct tape
2' 22 Gauge Bailing Wire
Water resistant carrying pouch - 7.5in x 3.25in
Emergency Mylar Blanket 52x82.5 in.


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