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Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars: Fun Projects, Skills, and Adventures for Outdoor Kids

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A hands-on, gloves-off, muddy-boots activity book for young adventurers ages eight and up, offering fun projects and adventures to build lifelong skills and knowledge about the natural world—from the host of MeatEater and the New York Times bestselling author of The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival

Does climbing a tree, building a bug hotel, spearing a bullfrog, stalking wild animals, and scouting for petrified wood sound more fun than homework or chores? If so, this guide is your perfect companion to endless summer days and rainy fall afternoons alike. Filled with advice, insights, and activities to inspire wonder and excitement about the natural world, Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars is a curious kid's treasure trove, filled to the brim with outdoor projects, skills, and adventures complete with illustrations. The book presents a ton of fun and exciting ways to explore the natural world, like
- building an outdoor exploration kit
- identifying constellations and navigating using the sun and stars
- collecting fossils and other geological wonders
- tracking animals and following weather patterns
- making your own compass
- growing your own fruits and vegetables
- building survival shelters and primitive hunting weapons
- fishing, hunting, and foraging for wild foods
- making cool art projects using natural materials

A must-have guide for budding naturalists, scientists, gardeners, anglers, foragers, and hunters, Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars helps get kids out into nature, imparting lifelong knowledge and skills along the way.


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