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Roasted Serrano Margarita Cocktail Mix

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Turn your cocktail hour into a bold, Southwestern adventure with our Roasted Serrano Margarita Cocktail Mix.  Our fresh take on a spicy margarita adds flavor and a kick from infusing flame roasted serrano chiles and a bite from fresh ginger. 

Unleash the Heat, Savor the Flavor:

Roasted Serrano Infusion: We start with the freshest serrano chiles, charred to perfection to develop their natural flavors and add smokiness. This infusion adds a tantalizing heat that's expertly balanced for the perfect margarita kick.

Mixology Made Easy: High Mesa Chile Co.'s Roasted Serrano Margarita Cocktail Mix takes the guesswork out of mixology. Simply add your favorite tequila or mezcal then shake or blend with ice. You've got a margarita that's as easy to make as it is to enjoy.

Why Choose High Mesa Chile Co.?

Authentic Southwestern Flavors: We're committed to bringing you the authentic tastes of the Southwest. Our Roasted Serrano Margarita Cocktail Mix is a testament to the bold and vibrant flavors of the region.

Crafted with Precision: Our mix is carefully crafted in small batches to ensure the perfect balance of heat and flavor, making it ideal for both margarita enthusiasts and those looking to spice up their cocktail repertoire.

Natural Ingredients: Just like our hot sauces, our cocktail mix is free from artificial preservatives or additives. You can enjoy your margarita with confidence, knowing it's made with quality ingredients.


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