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Killer Pecans - 16 oz bag

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    Killer Pecans

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    Candy & Chocolate


This shareable bag is one of our best sellers. Perfect for recipes and party trays it will please any crowd, and help you take your cooking to the next level. Your mother-in-law along with any other food critic in your life won't know what hit ‘em!

The original spice that made us famous, original spice Killer Pecans bring the crisp crunch, spice and sweetness folks love.  Made with meaty Texas pecans, cumin, brown sugar and some kick you in the pants red chili they are sweet and spicy just like Texas.

Killer Pecans are made deep in the heart of Texas using only the finest junior mammoth Texas pecan halves. They always taste fresh and crisp, with a kick. 

Our 16 oz bag measures 10.25” x 6.625”


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